Best in Town VIP PT Program – In Our Clinic or In Your Home

This is a specialized, individualized Fee-for-Service, private physical therapy program that is NOT covered or controlled by your insurance. If you are unwilling or unable to get transportation to the well-equipped Best in Town Physical Therapy facility, the experienced, credentialed therapists of Best in Town Physical Therapy can make the time to come and treat you in the comfort and convenience of your home or community fitness center. You can be assured of a most comprehensive, creative treatment program, designed to get you to return to an independent lifestyle as quickly as possible.

In this situation, you, the patient are the one empowered to direct your care to accomplish the goals that YOU want to achieve, whether it may be to walk without pain or balance impairments, or even to return to the sports you love, that would make your life enjoyable again. We will establish and work towards the goals that you wish to achieve, through a structured, progressive program, that will be modified and focused to meet your specific needs.

Please contact the Best in Town Physical Therapy office at (561) 688-1844 to get more information about the cost to participate in this worthwhile program.