I have been to physical therapy in many places and states over the years. Best in Town is the very best I have ever used. Truly great therapy!

M. Elaine R.

I am happy to summarize my experience as a patient with Best in Town Physical Therapy.

I had been 6 months post-surgery with lymphedema. As a result, I visited the surgeon’s partner numerous times with complaints and concerns that the swelling was not decreasing. He repeatedly told me that it would take time and there was nothing more he could do. I then remember that in one of my previous jobs I worked in a “rehab” center where they did lymphatic massage and treatment and asked his thoughts, with no further inputs, I left. The next day, his secretary called and stated that the doctor was going to write me a Rx for physical therapy at Best in Town Physical Therapy. I thought GREAT, hence made an appointment.

I was treated for about a month, 3 days per week and the swelling has since subsided significantly.

On my second Rx, I had wounded my foot on a piece coral while vacationing overseas and had a difficult time healing with 3 different antibiotics, which were resistant to the wound. I was treated by my primary care physician (PCP) for several weeks when she then sent me to would care with a podiatrist.

At the same time, I was as Best in Therapy Physical Therapy. Mona took a look at the wound and stated that she could treat but needed a Rx. So… I called my PCP who stated that physical therapists were unable to treat would care. When I informed Moni, she stated that any MD could Rx. Hence I found another MD who then Rxd. I am happy to report the wound is healing nicely and I HOPE TO BE DISCHARGED THIS COMING WEEK for both DX.

These folks at Best in Town Physical Therapy are truly “miracle workers”. At the help is Moni, who is not only a caring, skilled physical therapist, but also a wonderful manager who oversees her caring, skilled staff. All are very respectful and informed as to how to treat patients with compassion and sometimes humor when indicated. Not sure who hired these folks, but it is apparent that they truly hired a TERRIFIC professional staff.

I also feel compelled to educate my previous medical providers and others in the medical profession to consider referring and using Best in Therapy Physical Therapy for their patients.

Thanks for the opportunity to benefit from your help and assistance.

Susan S.

I cannot say enough about the professionalism, competence, and friendliness of the entire staff of Beal Physical Therapy. After achieving therapeutic improvement, I have chosen to continue with elective massage periodically. This continues to be a very positive experience.

Dr. K., M.D.

Four years ago, I tore my L rotator cuff muscles. Beal Physical Therapy was recommended to me by a friend. Jennifer helped me heal more quickly. I was shown just what was needed for a complete recovery. As fate would have it, I tore the muscles in the right shoulder. After surgery, I again turned to Beal Physical Therapy. The professional staff had grown, so Dr. Moni and Julie were the therapists that guided me to a complete recovery. I wholeheartedly recommend Beal Physical Therapy, as they were integral to my successful recovery.

George D.

For years I suffered with severe lymphedema and constant pain in both legs. After the intensive treatment from the BEAL PT team, which made a huge difference in my life, I now have control of my pain and swelling. I feel like a new man!

Peter K.

I’ve been to other P.T. clinics, but felt left on my own, and didn’t feel the kind of personal care that I got from the beginning at Beal Physical Therapy. From the minute I walked in to the cheerful facility, I felt like they were all warm, receptive and ready to go! The expertise is beyond what I’ve experienced at other therapy centers, and there is a much better balance of educated therapists, which made me feel more confident that I was doing all the right things to help myself return to my previous activities.

Paul T.

Beal P.T. is an awesome facility and the team there has helped me immensely. I have encountered numerous injuries that have required a great deal of P.T. and rehabilitation.

My first introduction to Beal P.T. was to get my left arm lymphedema treated and under control. I had treatment for breast cancer and had all my lymph nodes surgically removed. This condition requires specific training and certification to treat effectively. I was ecstatic to learn that ALL the therapists are licensed and qualified. I am now most happy to say that with their continued treatment and support (and my compliance), my left arm is totally under control and the same size as my right arm.

The entire staff, including the receptionists, Doneeka and Betsy, and the four therapists; Jennifer Dr. Moni, Petra and Julie, are professional, highly educated and very friendly. These therapists are trained to help work with every patient’s specific issue.

The facility is friendly, happy and relaxed even though the therapists are working hard and the patients are being challenged to get stronger. There is encouraging and supportive conversation and interaction by and between all of the patients. We all recognize our progress and achievements.

I have been to many P.T. facilities, but Beal Physical Therapy is THE BEST: I would NOT consider going anywhere else. I feel “at home” at Beal PT. I have even jioned their “gym” program so I can continue to use their equipment to futher strengthen myself. I go to Beal because I KNOW that all of the therapists are observant and have my best interests in mind. That gives me great comfort!

Joan M.